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Entry Requirements

Call for Entries: Please note the following criteria to determine if your project qualifies before submitting your entry.

Generative Space meets these criteria:

  • It improves the health and well-being of all
  • It improves the performance and effectiveness of the provider organization
  • Produces systemic and sustainable improvements over time
  • Improvements are measurable and demonstrate documented evidence substantiating these improvements
  • Fosters a breadth of improvement ranging from the unique experience of individuals to the establishment of communities that foster health, vitality, and well being.

What may be entered?

Health and healthcare settings in operation for five years or less, that demonstrate documented improvements for a full range of stakeholders, including the local community.

Who can enter?

Collaborative teams with a provider organization and design consultant(s).

The Award Benefit includes:

  • Public recognition at the annual Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo, including a display of the winning projects and consideration of presenting
  • Two complimentary Symposium registrations
  • Award trophy and certificate
  • International recognition of being a beacon project
  • Media outreach consideration by media partners (MCD and Metropolis)
  • International recognition through documentation of project on The CARITAS Project website.

Deadline for entries:
Midnight, 15 June 2018, EST

Entry criteria:

Completed projects of any size that improve community health. For the purposes of this award program, health and ‘healthcare’ might be interpreted broadly. The range of projects may include but not be limited to acute, primary, or long-term care; and may include but not be limited to a wide range of provider types, including primary care and specialists such as mental health, dental, and rehabilitation. Projects might also include: workplace, commercial, retail, hospitality, education, residential, etc. The provider organization may be for-profit, non-profit, or government/military.

Who may enter?

We are looking for entries from provider organizations in collaboration with their design consultants. Full team recognition is a value to be celebrated, and active collaboration across disciplines is essential for this award.

Note: Design consultants may prepare and submit project entries; however, the provider organization must be designated as the primary contact and will be the specified recipient of the award.

What are the judges looking for?

The linked diagram characterizes the New Paradigm and the Status Quo. The New Paradigm indicates the tangible benefits that each stakeholder group receives from their relationship with the provider organization. Specifically, the judges want to see demonstrated and documented credible evidence of:

  1. Progressive improvements, ideally documented for each one of the 15+ arrows contained in the New Paradigm diagram
  2. A process of learning from personal experience and self-reflection within the provider organization
  3. Rigorous measurements and documentation of goals, methodology and results/ outcomes of improved health, healthcare, and/or well being
  4. Culturally-sensitive environmental design
  5. Reciprocal and mutual collaboration across provider organization disciplines
  6. Systemic improvement in health, vitality and well being of individuals, organizations, and the community
  7. Projects that encourage, support, and reinforce the flourishing of stakeholders
  8. Physical and social environments that are designed to be integrated and self-reinforcing
  9. Evidence that a Generative Space is actively being cultivated

Entry fee: $150 USD

Entry Process

Each entry must contain three separate elements:

  1. Entry Form. The information required in the Entry Form must be included in the Project Documentation
  2. Project Documentation (described below) submitted by email to info@thecaritasproject.info
  3. Entry Fee Payment. On-line credit card entry fee payment of $150 USD. A link for this payment is at the bottom of the Entry Form

Project Documentation:

The project documentation must be contained within one PDF file of less than 10mb. Project Documentation must include the following:

  1. Entry Form. The Entry Form information must be included in the Project Documentation
  2. Sufficient descriptive text, in 12 point minimum size, to enable the judges to assess the project
  3. Appropriate graphic materials, including photos, drawings, and diagrams, to illustrate the design elements of the project

Submit completed Project Documentation by email to info@thecaritasproject.info. (File must be under 10mb.)

Award Rules

  1. All entries must be submitted in English, and the entry fee of $150 paid in US dollars.
  2. All entries must be accompanied by the entry fee.
  3. All entry fees are non-refundable.
  4. Entries that receive an award may be required to provide additional information, graphic materials, and photos.
  5. All graphic material and photos must be professional quality and be suitable for publication.
  6. All graphic materials and photos must include all appropriate credits. It is the responsibility of entrants to obtain the required releases prior to publication. The Award will not pay any royalties or copyright fees — these, if required, are the responsibility of the entrant.
  7. The anonymity — or blinding — of entries is not required. Entries will not be anonymous to judges.
  8. Projects that have received other awards and/or been published previously are eligible. However, a list of previously-received awards and publications is required.
  9. Entries from all countries are welcome — however, they must be written in English.
  10. Notification of the judges’ decision will be made to the designated healthcare provider organization’s primary contact, no later than 15 August, 2018. Judges’ feedback will not be provided.
  11. The decision of the judges is final.
  12. The judges reserve the right to make no award.
  13. Questions relating to the award must be sent by email to: info@thecaritasproject.info.