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 What is Praxis One

An Expedition of Discovery in Health, Healthcare Delivery, and Environmental Design
9-12 October 2003
Renaissance Manchester Hotel, Manchester, England

Take the adventure of a lifetime, an expedition into imagination and possibilities—PRAXIS ONE. Designed for a select group of daring pioneers, this ground-breaking exploration of uncharted frontiers will challenge you to ask far-reaching questions and to discover usable answers.

PRAXIS ONE is not a conference. It is an inquiry into the possibility of producing spaces that enable health; a source of discovering methods to create intentional cultures that value respect for human dignity. PRAXIS ONE is about learning new methods of integrating innovative thinking and practices into work plans to produce demonstrable results. Speakers, or guides, have been selected for their ability to support the discovery of compelling and transformational treasures that you will use in your own daily practice.

A new community of global leaders will emerge from PRAXIS ONE with fresh understandings and bold solutions, leaders who will use their experience to create pathways and networks to develop strategies to create environments that improve people's lives.
PRAXIS ONE will provide you with the ability to transform your world.

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Last updated December 2003.


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