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 Founding Advisory Council

The CARITAS Project is a US-based non-profit organization committed to the creation of transformational environments that enhance human health. It operates as a loosely organized networking community that engages in defined projects. Currently, there are four such projects — (1) the Leadership Summit, (2) PRAXIS ONE, (3) Leading by Design, and (4) A Place to Flourish. It is by participating in these projects that the ideals of The CARITAS Project become embedded in the practices of everyday life.

Architect and visionary Wayne Ruga developed The CARITAS Project as the next phase of his personal quest to improve human health. During the first three decades of this quest, his focus was on the built environment as the means to advance the delivery of healthcare, and consequently, human health. Now, Wayne is directing his attention to the active expression of values that characterize an individual or an organization.

The CARITAS Project gets its inspiration from the word "caritas." One of the oldest words in recorded language, it means nurturing, supporting and loving in Latin; charity in Greek; and generous giving in ancient Hebrew. The CARITAS Project works to actively demonstrate the tangible benefits to be gained by developing and constructing social and built environments upon the values of “caritas.”

Wayne envisions a global renaissance based on valuing of respect for human dignity. His aspiration for The CARITAS Project is to provide the research, knowledge, techniques, and resources that will bring this human-centered practice into the mainstream as the drivers of this historical transformation.

Our mission
The mission of The CARITAS Project is to improve individual lives through the design of environments that create a place to flourish.

How we achieve our mission
The CARITAS Project serves as an "umbrella" for a variety of initiatves that will unfold over time. Recent initiatives include:

  • The Leadership Summit.
  • PRAXIS ONE–an "Expedition of Discovery in Health, Healthcare Delivery, and Environmental Design".
  • Leading by Design
  • A Place to Flourish
Building bridges to policy, research, and practice
The CARITAS Project builds trans-disciplinary bridges that encourage individuals, organizations, and communities to join together and use their diverse expertise and experience to learn how to create more supportive, life-enhancing environments. These networks also provide scientific research-based evidence for those who engage in research, craft policy, and plan, design, build, operate, and maintain these environments.

What the future holds
The CARITAS Project's goal is to further its mission by seeking out grants and sponsorships to support and expand its work and to develop and organize additional community learning initiatives.



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