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The CARITAS Project is a global enterprise committed to the creation of transformational environments that enhance human health. It operates as a loosely organized networking community that engages in defined projects. Currently, there are two such projects — the formation of a Leadership Council and the development of PRAXIS ONE, an "expedition" for advocates of human-centered healthcare design, to be held in October 2003 in Manchester, England. It is by participating in these projects that the ideals of The CARITAS Project become embedded in the practices of everyday life.

Architect and visionary Wayne Ruga developed The CARITAS Project as the next phase of his personal quest to improve human health. During the first three decades of this quest, his focus was on the built environment as the means to advance the delivery of healthcare, and consequently, human health. Now, Wayne is directing his attention to culture — the active expression of values that characterize a group or organization. He believes that helping organizations develop more sensitive and supportive cultures is the means to better both the social and the built environment, thus improving health. From this perspective, he views culture as the source of "artifacts" developed by people that make cultural values visible. He sees the environment as a representation of these values.


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