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An Expedition of Discovery in Health, Healthcare, and Environmental Design

This Application is only valid for:

  1. Invited Expeditioners (those who have received this invitation directly from The CARITAS Project.)

  2. Guest Expeditioners – Invited Expeditioners who send in their registration fees, may make duplicate copies of this Application to host two ‘Guest Expeditioners’. To do so, the ‘Invited Expeditioner’ must complete the Host portion of the Application, below. ‘Guest Expeditioners’ must provide signature for Application.

Expedition Fees
Payable by check drawn on a US or English bank, or International Money Order to ‘The CARITAS Project, Inc.’ Fees may be paid in US dollars or English sterling, as noted below:

Regular Before 1 Jan 2003 $1050/£700 $1200/£800
Late Before 1 Sept 2003 $1200/£800 $1350/£900

We are unable to accept payment online.
Please mail completed form and payment to the address below.

(   ) YES, I do wish to join the Praxis One Expedition. I understand that, in so doing, I agree to serve as an advocate for sustainable systemic change by exporting the discoveries of the Expedition into my ‘home soil’, and I give my pledge to do so.

Signature (required):___________________________________

  My check for__________ is enclosed.
City, State
Zip Code

I have duplicated this Application, and intend to Host the following two Guest Expeditioners:

Print Name
Print Name

Mail to:
The CARITAS Project, Inc.
PO Box 4309
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
United States of America
For information, email:

• Registration is on a “first come, first served” basis;
registration fees will not be accepted on-site. Early registration
is highly recommended.
• A written confirmation and further details will be mailed upon receipt of the completed Application and fees.
• Fees are not refundable. However, they may be used
toward future Expeditions.
• The Renaissance Manchester Hotel has a limited number of rooms available at the special Expedition rate of £109 per night, double or single, including parking and VAT (tax). This rate is available for up to three days before and after Praxis One.
Contact the hotel directly at (0) 161 831 6020
• On Sunday, buses will be available for tours of exemplary local facilities, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and
primary care facilities.
• The Manchester airport is internationally convenient, with direct flights to cities throughout the world. The airport is easily accessible from the city via taxi, commuter rail, and bus service.
• Liability Waiver: Submission of this completed Application and payment of fees will be considered acknowledgement by the Expeditioner of any potential risks related to participation in this Expedition, and agreement to waive any actual or assumed liabilities that may arise as a result of participation. The Expeditioner, by providing a signature on this Application, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The CARITAS Project, Wayne Ruga, the Renaissance Manchester Hotel, HD, and all associated agents and employees, in providing all the services and programs related to this Expedition.
• The appropriate attire will be expedition gear.