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The CARITAS Project envisions a future where each and every human being has their potential fully expressed in health and life.

Accordingly, The CARITAS Project extends an open invitation for all individuals, communities, and organizations to become active participants in the realization of this vision — a vision that receives its inspiration from the ancient word “caritas” which means nurturing, supporting, and generous giving.

The CARITAS Project endeavors to support, promote, and create cultural communities that actively demonstrate respect for human dignity as their core value. We recognize this ideal as being the means to produce sustainable improvements in human health, life quality, and their corresponding environments. The CARITAS Project advances the belief that social and physical environments are shaped by cultural values.

The Project works to develop the tools necessary to create intentional, human-centered cultures that have respect for human dignity at their core. In so doing, an ever-expanding global network is actively engaged in “caritas”. It is through this work that our vision is being realized.