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A Place to Flourish
The Generative
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Definition of ‘Generative space’:

Generative space is an environment, a place — both physical and social — where the experience of participants fulfills the functional requirements of that space and it also materially improves the health, healthcare, and quality of life for those participating in that experience in a manner they can articulate in their own terms.

By its very nature, a generative space is a place that progressively and tangibly improves over time.

The purpose of cultivating generative space is to improve performance effectiveness. Depending upon the interests of a particular individual, organization, or community the measurements of effectiveness will vary. However, in all cases, whatever these measures are — they will be used to encourage, support, and reinforce increasing performance effectiveness in health, healthcare, and quality of life.

The goal of understanding how to cultivate generative space is to be able to produce it consistently, reliably, and predictably across the full range of life’s contextual situations — including:

a. our personal lives,
b. our professional and organizational work, and
c. throughout the vast spectrum of our community


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Moving Beyond the “Smackdown” Towards an Architecture of Place.



Humanscale - 'A Place to Flourish', Dr. Wayne Ruga with Dr. Mark Rowe

2015 ASID National Award Winner – Wayne Ruga.


We appreciate all those individuals who have contributed time, financial support, creativity, and gravitas - including the Advisory Board, the Award Partners, and the judges. The generous team of individuals who produce the Rudy Bruner Award (RBA) deserve special recognition for their kindness as well as for serving as a source of inspiration for more than a decade. Finally, Dr. Susan Kirkcaldy and Susan Szenasy are due a debt of gratitude for their editing skill, patience, and willingness to go the extra mile. 'Thank you' for your support of this award program.